review: j. herbin vert empire - ink between the teeth

May 21, 2018

review: j. herbin vert empire

Hey, hello, one of my favorite inks! Let's go ahead and take a look at it.

J. Herbin inks come in three sizes: a tiny sample bottle that has 10ml, the normal size with 30ml, and a super-size 100ml plastic bottle. The 100ml bottle only comes in a few colors. I have the sample bottle: it's glass with a metal lid. It's a nice size to give an ink a try.

Vert Empire is a dusty green with a bit of olive.
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This ink has very little water resistance. You can pretty much expect it to disappear if any water splashes onto your page. It also takes a little while try dry; about 40 seconds on Tomoe River Paper in general use.

It's quite a flat ink with little to no shading. There isn't any sheen, either.

Vert Empire is a really interesting color that's hard to capture. Here's my picture in natural light, which gets pretty darn close.
Vert Empire takes quite a while to dry, and it has absolutely no water resistance. It doesn't shade much, nor does it sheen. It has quite a flat look to it, which I'm sure some people won't like, but I'm quite a fan of the sort of chalky look that it has.
I compare it here to as many greens as I possibly could. It's probably closest to Lennon Tool Bar Congqiang (Sky), but that's more gray and blue. Otherwise, Vert Empire isn't similar to any of the greens that I have, and to be honest it's a color that's pretty out there.

I currently have this ink in my TWSBI Diamond 580AL with a broad nib. It's a good combination; the pen is quite wet, and the this combination works well together. Vert Empire is also a bit wet, but not enough that I would call it a wet ink.

I probably showed my hand at the beginning of the post, but I'm a big fan of Vert Empire. I really like it, even though it's not a particularly interesting or special ink; I just like the color! I've already purchased a 30ml bottle!

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