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Mar 19, 2018

review: pilot iroshizuku yama-budo

Yet another Pilot Iroshizuku ink! I've got six of these, you know.

I've talked plenty about the bottles that Pilot Iroshizuku is available in: a 15ml bottle that comes in a three-bottle set, and the 50ml bottle. I still don't own the larger bottle, but the small bottles are just fine for me.

Pilot Iroshizuku is a purple that leans more red than blue.

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The scan that I have available here shifted the ink to a brighter, more magenta tone. In reality, Yama-budo is darker, like in this picture below.
Yama-budo dries relatively quickly, which I was really surprised by! Sheening inks tend to take a little longer just because of the amount of pigment that sits on top of the paper. I was thinking that it would take more than 15 seconds, but it was dry to the touch by 10. However, this ink doesn't have any water resistance at all.

Yama-budo does have a gold sheen, and what a beautiful sheen it is! You can see it best in a broad nib, you get a nice rim of it around the writing using a medium nib, too. This ink shades a little bit, but definitely not enough for me to call this a shading ink.
In comparison to the other purple inks that I own—Rohrer & Klingner Alt-Bordeaux and Diamine Tyrian Purple—Yama-budo is a bit more magenta than the other two. De Atramentis is more of a dusty purple-red. None of the four share any similarities at all.

I've had this ink in my Parker 51 with a medium nib, and I loved the combination a lot. It's a slightly wet ink, and combined with the gold nib, they worked great. I can't disagree with smooth, wet writing. Plus the sheen was awesome.

This is a really difficult choice to make! Yama-budo is different enough from other purple inks that I don't mind that I own it. However, I don't tend to reach for purples (I know this makes no sense considering I have three different purples in my collection). Regardless, I think Yama-budo is a great ink to have on hand just because of its sheening qualities, something that I haven't seen in the other purple inks that I own.

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