review: pilot iroshizuku syo-ro - ink between the teeth

Mar 5, 2018

review: pilot iroshizuku syo-ro

Jumping back to Japan today with a review of another Pilot Iroshizuku ink. (Three more to go!)

If I say another word about Pilot Iroshizuku bottles, you might leave this blog forever. But to recap: 15ml bottles, usually comes in a trio. 50 ml bottles, comes in its own gorgeous self. You get the deal.

Syo-ro is a really interesting color that I don't see regularly! It's a teal color for sure, yet there's something really interesting about its mix of blue and green that I don't really see in other turquoises/teals.
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In this scan, the ink is quite a bit more green, and much more bright, than it should be: it definitely leans a little more blue. This scan is actually bothering me like crazy, so I thought I would share a picture of the ink in natural light:
Syo-ro dries relatively quickly, with it dry to the touch at ten seconds on Midori MD Paper. I write here that it's a little waterproof, but I'll honestly go ahead and scratch that: I don't think it has enough water resistance. You're definitely gonna lose almost all of your writing.

This ink also shades nicely. You get a really interesting blue tone on parts where there's less ink, and then it's back to a deeper teal depending on the saturation of ink. I can just barely see a hint of sheen. I don't think it's enough to call this a sheening ink; with heavy application of ink, I think you'll be able to catch it.
Gosh, all these swatches show me that I have a real problem with blue-greens. Oops! Anyways, Syo-ro is still a color that I don't really see in my collection. When compared to Tsuki-yo, it' pretty clear that Syo-ro has a little green to it. I don't own Ku-jaku, but I think it's more blue than Syo-ro. Diamine Marine is a lot brighter, and Noodler's Air-Corp Blue-Black is a dark green-blue that isn't even close.

I currently have this ink in my Nemosine Singularity with a broad nib. My Singularity already has a fairly wet flow, and the two of them work together swimmingly. I'm a big fan of the combination—but I don't like how quickly I have to fill it again!

I adore Syo-ro. I would definitely pick up another bottle of it—and I did! It flows great in my pens, and is a nice, smooth writer. The color is also interesting enough that, despite my love for blue-greens, I don't see it being particularly similar to other colors in my collection.

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