review: takeda jimuki TAG kyo no oto adzukiiro / red bean (京の音小豆色) - ink between the teeth

Feb 26, 2018

review: takeda jimuki TAG kyo no oto adzukiiro / red bean (京の音小豆色)

Adzukiiro is a new release from TAG in their Kyo no Oto line, along with the blue-gray Hisoku. I don't believe it's limited edition. Let's go straight in!
TAG inks (including Kyo Iro) come in a glass bottle with a flat front and back and convex sides, but the labels on the two lines are different. Unfortunately, I don't have a bottle of Kyo Iro to compare it to, so you'll just have to take my word for it! There's a washi sticker on the bottle with the name of the ink. It's very simple, but I think there's something pretty about its utilitarian look. It has a nice heft to it, and I certainly wouldn't mind displaying this bottle on my desk. It's a 40ml bottle, which is an... interesting? amount of ink.

In Japanese, Adzukiiro means "red bean color." Red beans come in a variety of colors, from a bright juicy red to a deep burgundy, and Adzukiiro leans more towards the burgundy.
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Adzukiiro doesn't dry particularly quickly, nor is it waterproof. It does have a very slight silver sheen where the ink has pooled, but I wouldn't call this a sheening ink unless you plan to slather this on with a paintbrush. It has a little shading, but it's not apparent in most applications.
I compare it here to a couple of colors, and I think you can see that, while at first glance, Adzukiiro looks like a fairly basic dark red, it has a bit of purple to it. My first thought was that it would be pretty close to Diamine Oxblood, but that's not the case—it's actually more like a deeper Kyo Iro Keage no Sakurasagane. De Atramentis Pisces is too brown in comparison as well.
I put this ink in my TWSBI Diamond 580 RB with a medium nib. In my previous experience with TAG ink, I found them both to be slightly dry, but not enough to cause me worry. My TWSBI writes with average flow and the nib is a little sharp, but Adzukiiro flowed well in this pen. I don't think it's particularly dry nor wet.

Would I buy this color again? Not sure! I love this color, but TAG inks are pretty expensive in the United States. If I do buy it again, I'll likely purchase it in Taipei, where it sold for about $19. It's a pretty color, but I think I might be able to find something relatively close that's a little more accessible for me.


  1. Beautiful ink and lovely writing. One thing, Adulthood Rites is by Octavia Butler not Olivia Butler

    1. Hi Tracie! Thanks for your comment! Glad you like the review (and the ink!). And thanks for the correction—you would think after using Butler's book for all of my past reviews, I would be able to remember her name, right? I wonder who I was thinking of when I wrote that out...