review: pilot iroshizuku fuyu-syogun - ink between the teeth

Feb 12, 2018

review: pilot iroshizuku fuyu-syogun

It felt right to talk about Fuyu-syogun right after I talked about its sibling ink, Kiri-same. They're like two sides to the same coin, I guess!

Like I've mentioned before, all of my Pilot Iroshizuku inks are in the smaller 15ml glass bottles. I'm a fan of this size because it's a good jumping off point for the relatively pricey Iroshizuku inks. You might feel a bit grumpy if you spent about $20 for 50ml of an ink you hated.

Fuyu-Syogun, like I've mentioned in my Kiri-same review, is a cool-toned gray with hints of blue in it.
The ink dries relatively quickly, with it being dry to the touch between 10 and 15 seconds. As you might see from my note for the waterproof quality (I did try it twice!) Fuyu-syogun was very waterproof in my tests! I had little to no pigment lift from the hatch marks. I can still see that a little bit of ink got pulled away from the lines, but I would even say that this ink is waterproof.

I haven't been able to catch any sheen with this ink, but it does shade moderately. I quite like the turn from a lighter gray to the deeper, "true" shade. Calling this ink "plain" might sound a bit rude, but I do think this ink would be alright in an office setting. It might be slightly too light, but I think it's closer to a graphite color than Kiri-same is.

This ink is a little bit dry, unlike other Iroshizuku inks I have experience with.  This was actually pretty surprising to me. In my Pilot Custom Heritage 92, it didn't flow as well as I would've liked. Combined with the slightly-dry feed of the CH92, it wasn't a particularly pleasant writing experience. However, in a wetter pen, like my Pilot 78G, I do enjoy this ink a lot more.

I think Fuyu-syogun is a really interesting color, but I don't think I would purchase it again. If you made me choose between this and Kiri-same, I would definitely pick Kiri-same. It's a cool-toned gray, and you can find tons of this color on the market, particularly for a price point that isn't so luxurious.

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