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Jan 24, 2018

incoming changes for reviews

I have a couple of changes that are coming to the way that I do my reviews. This is mostly a post to keep myself accountable, so feel free to skip this entirely if you're here for the ink reviews!

I do have to add that some of my reviews have been completed in advance, so these changes may not appear in all of them. However, I will implement these changes where possible, especially where an additional picture or two is all that is necessary.

1. Swatch cards
Current reviews use a q-tip swab of the ink at the bottom of each review to compare the color to what else I currently own. This is sort of helpful, but since scans aren't always accurate and q-tips don't lay down ink the same, it's actually not really helpful.

Instead, I'm going to start using these swatch cards, which are ink swabs done on index cards. These cards aren't perfect either: they don't show you sheen or shading particularly well. However, I do think they give you a good idea of the base color of the ink.

This is the change that's going to be most immediate (as in, you know, in next week's review), while the rest of these changes will start showing up in the coming weeks.
2. Waterproof test with text
Rather than showing you what water does to the lines of the ink, I've written out sample text that I've then dripped water on. My assumption is that, if you do get water on your text, you're probably going to get rid of it as soon as you can (a spilled drink rather than a flooded basement, as you might say). Therefore, I will now test the waterproof quality by dripping water on the text, then soaking it off using a paper towel.

3. Altered dry time test
I'm giving more space to test how long it takes for ink to dry. This one's pretty self explanatory, I think.

4. Sample text using fountain pen
As you may know, I currently use a Jinhao X450 with its original feed and two nibs—the stock medium nib and a Nemosine broad nib—to write out my reviews. This pen is dipped, not filled, which makes it easier to clean up, but also tends to oversaturate the feed. To give a better idea of what the ink looks like in actual, practical use, I'm going to start adding sample text using the pen I have filled with the ink.

And that's it! Let me know if you think there are other parts of my reviews that I should change. I'm always open to your criticism and whatever you think would be helpful for you. I'm here to make your life as a consumer easier, so feel free to drop me a message!

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