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Dec 11, 2017

review: robert oster signature motor oil

Pen Chalet very kindly reached out and offered me a sample of Robert Oster Signature ink in the shade Motor Oil! Let's take a gander.

Robert Oster Signature is an Australian brand that is perhaps best known for their highly-sheening blue inks: Fire and Ice, Lake of Fire, and River of Fire. I, personally, have never tried any of their inks before, partially because I have so much ink already, and partially because sheening inks tend not to play well with my left-handed nature. Don't get me wrong, I'm that person who insists that all left-handed people should use blotter paper and become underwriters. At the same time, I must admit a little trepidation that my writing will become a smudgy mess.
Luckily, Robert Oster Signature also has another 82 inks with a color for pretty much everyone, including some that aren't bursting at the seams with sheen. Motor Oil definitely lies in this territory (although wouldn't it be cool if this ink did sheen, like the road after the first light rain? Anyways...).
Robert Oster Signature packages their inks in 50 ml plastic bottles with a golden sticker seal on the front and a white, circular sticker on the top with the ink name and a color swatch. The bottle is narrow and long: it might be easy to tip over, but you also get plenty of depth to dip your fountain pen into.

Motor Oil is a murky green-brown. It's not named for fresh motor oil, which is a clear yellow gold, but the used stuff. Sounds kinda gross, I know.

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Yet another almost-accurate swatch! I'm getting the hang of this scanning thing, you guys.

Motor Oil took about 20 seconds to dry on Midori MD paper. It isn't waterproof at all. I was really surprised to see the ink break into red when in contact with water. Perhaps it'll be interesting to use in watercolor applications?

Towards the end of the paragraph written with the broad nib, you'll see that the ink gets lighter as my feed runs out of ink. Motor Oil become more of a olive color rather than the dark green that it was before. I think that in drier pens, you can get some really interesting shading. So far, I haven't experienced too much shading: the ink is quite dark.

I've compared Motor Oil to Sailor Jentle Rikyu-cha, which is maybe the closest ink I have. Rikyu-cha is lighter and has this almost-sheen to it. If push came to shove, you might be able to convince me that Rikyu-cha is a lighter, less saturated version of Motor Oil, but it'll have to be a very hard push. Rohrer & Klingner Alt-Goldgrün is lighter as well as being more gold-green, and Sailor Jentle Tokiwa-matsu is more of a forest green.

I inked up my broad-nibbed TWSBI Eco with this ink immediately to give it a test in regular use. I think my Eco has average to slightly wet flow, sometimes suffering from ink starvation when I write a lot at a time and the feed can't quite catch up. Motor Oil performs really well in this pen. I get smooth, wet flow in my writing, and I haven't experienced any problems.

All in all, I really enjoyed using Motor Oil. "Weird" colors are always interesting to use, and I think they bring a little playfulness to the regular ol' blue and black rotation. Robert Oster Signature is definitely not the cheapest ink brand, but considering the wide range of colors, you're likely to find something in the collection that you wouldn't find elsewhere.

You can purchase a bottle of Motor Oil here, from Pen Chalet. This isn't an affiliate link, just a quick way for you to get straight to the Robert Oster Signature page!

Pen Chalet is an online retailer of fountain pens goods, and I've shopped from them before they reached out to me. I usually go there for inks—they carry quite a few brands. If you make an account with them, you earn points for every ink purchase that goes towards a free bottle of ink. On the 24th of each month, they have a two-for-one deal on points that'll help you get to that bottle even quicker. Oh, and did I mention the free U.S. shipping at $50? Yeah, that's super cool too.

I want to thank Zach from Pen Chalet for offering me the ink to try. I received this ink for free in return for my honest opinion and review. I really appreciate his generosity. Please visit my policy page for further disclosure on how I handle review products. I'm always open to comments and discussion on how I can do my reviews better!

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