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Oct 11, 2017

monteverde monza / jinhao 992

I thought this was interesting enough to share.

Goulet Pens posted on their Instagram stories recently about the Monteverde Monza, a new, sub-$20 pen. Once I took a good look at it though, something seemed very familiar....

Here's an image of one Monteverde Monza in the "island blue" color.
...And here's an image of the six colors of the Jinhao 992, which you can purchase for just under $2 each on eBay.

You'll see that there are some extremely obvious similarities. I don't think I have to point all of them out, but I mean—four of the six colors you see in the Jinhao picture are offered in similar (if not downright exact) colors in the Monzas.

Of course, then you realize that the Jinhao 992s are copies of such models as the Platinum 3776, Sailor 1911, and other such cigar-shaped pens. What a cycle!

It seems fairly likely to me that Monteverde is "private labeling" pens that are being manufactured by the same factory that produces these pens for Jinhao. If that's true, the build and writing quality should be about the same.

I hope this information is as interesting to you as it is to me.

Thank you to Goulet Pens for the image of the Monteverde Monza.

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