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Hi there! Thanks for visiting Winter Sharks, which is not about either the season or the sea creature (though I do love both). On this blog, you'll find fountain pen, ink, and paper reviews, as well as the occasional write-up on whatever is stationery-related and strikes my fancy.

I'm currently posting every Monday that doesn't fall on a holiday week. I hope you enjoy your time here!

About Me

I'm Conrad! I'm a Californian of Taiwanese descent, born and raised in the South Bay. I'm a graphic designer, writer, junior coder, communications intern, Dungeons & Dragons rogue, and ice hockey player. I'm currently pursuing a humanities B.A. at a public research university in Northern California.

I'm just a regular person with a very limited budget, with a love for fountain pens and stationery. And also writing too many words about things.

Want to send me a message? Check the contact page, or send me an e-mail at gpharaonis (at) gmail.com.